Name: Josh Myers. Age: 24. Height: 6'0. Alias: Titan. Powers acquired through DNA alterations. Location: Unknown.


He lived an average life until he was 18 when he joined the marines with his friend Jordan Turner, a few years on the field he was asked if he wanted to participate in a experiment that would supposedly enhance his physical ability. He accepted the offer an discovered he was 1 of 8 participants, after several "accidents" and genetic issues only Josh and 3 others remained.

The other 3 were: Russell Bell, Jordan Turner, andCharlie hampton.


His powers/skills are: Enhanced strength, Enhanced stamina, Enhanced combat/reflexes, Enhanced marksmanship/focus, Environmental adaption, and infrared/night vision.


Specialized suit, safe houses, double barrel 12g shotgun, stoner 86 "Ares" LMG, double sided M48 tomahawk, custom Beretta M9, Rpg-7, M67 frag grenade, thermite grenade, M18 smoke grenade, jeep wrangler w/ .50 caliber, armored SUV, and a 1969 corvette stingray.