The Neo Nazis are a group that took over when Hitler fell, they are also the main enemy of the MAD team.


1st in command: Mr. X (real name unknown).

2nd in command: gen. Conrad Fischer.

3rd in command: gen. Edmund Bauer.

Aldo Schmidt (Lead scientist).

Garen "Hazmat" Schwarz (nuclear/bio chemical expert)


Bases on: South keeling islands Australia, and floreana island Ecuador.

All basic troops wear standard armor, their mechanized army is made up of modern tanks/aircraft/and naval vessels and they have 6 nuclear missiles.

They lead attacks against the U.S. frequently.

Standard equipment: G36, AT4 rocket launcher, and Model 27 grenades.

Commando equipment: G36, Scar-L, AT4 rocket launcher, Model 27 grenade, and dragunov sniper rifles.