Name: Russell Bell. Age: 26. Height: 6'2. Alias: Reaper. Powers acquired through DNA alterations. Location: Unknown.


Russell Bell lived a standard child/teen life then when he turned 18 he joined the marines with his friend Charlie hampton, after 2 years they realised his skill as a soldier and selected him to be the subject of a secret experiment that would supposedly enhance his skills on the battle field. When he got to the facility he discovered he was 1 of 8 participants, the first 2 were fine for a week until their heart rate suddenly escalated and they died of a heart attack , the next 2 went mad and attacked everyone in the facility, but were stopped by the 4 others, Russell and the 3 remaining participants DNA structures were the only to accept the changes.

The other 3 were: Josh myers, Charlie hampton, and Jordan Turner.

When the 4 soldiers split into teams of 2 he pairs with Charlie.


His powers/skills are: Enhanced strength (1), Enhanced stamina (2), Enhanced combat/reflexes (3), Enhanced marksmanship/focus (4), Environmental adaption (5), infra red/night vision (6), Power erasure (7), Tracking evasion (8), Technology manipulation (9), Age manipulation (10), healing factor of 5/10, tech knowledge, and great pilot/driver.

Links to powers (numbers next to powers):OneTwo, ThreeFourFiveSix, Seven, Eight, Nine, andTen.


Specialized armor, safe houses, custom AR-15, five-seven, .308 sniper rifle/semi-auto AR-15, spas-12, M48 tactical axe, claymore mine, M67 frag grenade, M18 smoke grenade, jeep wrangler w/ .50 caliber, armored SUV, and a convertible 2015 mustang.